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Alternative Chocolate Certification Schemes – Some to Consider Some to Ignore

Fairtrade – We have discussed in-depth in the previous post what Fairtrade measures and what the certification encompasses. Of course, Fairtrade is a viable option when considering which chocolate, you should buy. Buying a bar with the Fairtrade logo on is a good option, particularly if the alternative has no certification logo on it at […]

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What does Fairtrade measure? Introduction Series Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, read it here. What does Fairtrade Measure? The below graphs highlight the standards for small farmers’ organizations. What essentially the farmer/producer must meet to be certified as Fairtrade, and thereby qualify to sell their raw materials in the Fairtrade supply chain to buyers. As you can see the largest […]


What is Fairtrade? Introduction Series Part 1

What is Fairtrade? Introduction Series Within this blog, we will explore one of the more popular green labels that you see on certain food. We will look at the Fairtrade logo. We will explain what it is, show you what it measures in the 2nd blog of this series and finally in the 3rd explain […]