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‘Virtue-signalling’ as a marketing tactic: Could it do more bad than good?

Just the other day, I saw another advert on my Instagram feed for an ‘environmentally friendly’ clothing brand. At the minute environmentally friendly products are all I seem to see, and it’s not a surprise, they’re big business. But as I looked more closely into what they were advertising, I struggled to see how they […]

Ethics Palm Oil

Introduction to Palm Oil

What is palm oil? It is a vegetable oil, like sunflower or rape-seed oil but deriving from the palm fruit. Palm oil is almost exclusively grown in the tropics, with the vast majority grown in Malaysia and Indonesia (85% of global production). One of the main attributes of palm oil is that it is semi-solid […]

Ethical Trade Fairtrade

What does Fairtrade measure? Introduction Series Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, read it here. What does Fairtrade Measure? The below graphs highlight the standards for small farmers’ organizations. What essentially the farmer/producer must meet to be certified as Fairtrade, and thereby qualify to sell their raw materials in the Fairtrade supply chain to buyers. As you can see the largest […]